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Jason SS - SmartLearn Solutions

A worldwide change is taking place in educational methods and how parents want their children to learn. To ensure the next generation's success there is an urgent requirement to provide the right learning methods, modules and innovative products to help children learn in a fun, motivated and intelligent manner.

JASON SS™ SmartLearn SOLUTIONS aims to provide an Integrated Transformative Educational approach to help realize these goals.


   • e-Learning Centres
   • ICT classrooms
   • English Language Lab
   • SMART Boards
   • Smart-Board/IWB Content
   • Intelligence Nurturing Tools
   • Robotics/STEM labs
   • Smart-School ERP
   • Smart-School Hi-Tech Apps
   • Smart Modular Websites
   • Smart Educational Products


   • SMART STEPS Workshops
   • Life Skills/Soft Skills
   • Self Learning Tools
   • Multi-Mode Learning Tools
   • Inspiring Competitions
   • Integrated Hobbies
   • Exciting Events
   • Summer Camps
   • Nature Camps
   • Industrial Visits


• Integrated Teaching Workshop
• ICT Classroom Training
• CBSE CCE In-Service Teachers Training
• GLOBAL Classroom Teachers Training


• Parent Teacher Partnering
• Preparing a Classroom-Ready Child
• In-home Learning Support Tools
• Instilling Learning Motivation
• Inspiring HomeWork
• Parenting Workshops
• Parenting & Edu. Newsletters
• Parent-Child Counseling
• Healthy Food Habits

   "Experience Innovation, Quality and Efficiency. Jason SS - inspiring excellence."

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