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TITO's ORGANIC - USDA certified

Flour, Rawa, Atta    Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Whole Wheat Flour Rs 328 5 kg Nos.
   Whole Wheat Flour Rs 69 1 kg Nos.
   Multigrain Atta Rs 95 1 kg Nos.
   Thalipeeth Atta Rs 55 250g Nos.
   Bajra Flour Rs 45 500g Nos.
   Bajra Flour Rs 70 1kg Nos.
   Jowar Flour Rs 45 500g Nos.
   Jowar Flour Rs 75 1kg Nos.
   Soya Flour Rs 116 500g Nos.
   Corn Flour Rs 51 500g Nos.
   Rice Flour Rs 61 500g Nos.
   Ragi Flour Rs 61 500g Nos.
   Besan Rs 108 500g Nos.
   Rajgira Flour Rs 95 250g Nos.
   Upwas Bhajni Rs 90 250g Nos.
   Sattu Flour Rs 63 250g Nos.
   Sooji Rawa Rs 61 500g Nos.
   Idli Rawa Rs 47 500g Nos.
Sugar / Jaggery    Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Light Brown Sugar Rs 100 500g Nos.
   Jaggery powder Rs 85 500g Nos.
Rice / Poha (Awalakki)    Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Kollam Rice Rs 117 1kg Nos.
   Indrayani Hand Pound -Brown Rs 109 1kg Nos.
   Ambemohar Rice -White Rs 130 1kg Nos.
   Ambemohar Rice -Brown Rs 137 1kg Nos.
   Poha (Beaten Rice) Rs 90 750g Nos.
   Brown Poha Rs 116 750g Nos.
Pulses    Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Pancharangi Dal Rs 114 500g Nos.
   Toor Dal Rs 95 500g Nos.
   Toor Dal Rs 182 1kg Nos.
   Urad Dal Rs 101 500g Nos.
   Urad Dal Rs 192 1kg Nos.
   Moong Dal Rs 92 500g Nos.
   Moong Dal Rs 174 1kg Nos.
   Whole Moong Rs 87 500g Nos.
   Kabuli Chana Rs 152 500g Nos.
   Whole Chana Rs 112 500g Nos.
   Chana Dal Rs 100 500g Nos.
   Chana Dal Rs 193 1kg Nos.
   Fried gram Rs 69 250g Nos.
   Groundnut Rs 143 500g Nos.
   Groundnut Rs 235 1kg Nos.
   Vatana( Green ) Rs 54 500g Nos.
   Soyabean Rs 80 500g Nos.
   Matki Rs 82 500g Nos.
   Chawali Rs 82 500g Nos.
   Moong Chilka Rs 101 500g Nos.
   Moong Chilka Rs 187 1kg Nos.
   Flax Seed Rs 53 100g Nos.
   Flax Seed Rs 107 250g Nos.
   Thalipeeth Bhajni Rs 52 250g Nos.
Whole grains / Daliya    Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Whole Wheat Rs 65 1kg Nos.
   Wheat Daliya Rs 51 500g Nos.
   Whole Jowar Rs 70 1kg Nos.
   Whole Bajra Rs 65 1kg Nos.
Masala    Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Mustard Rs 38 100g Nos.
   Coriander Powder Rs -- 100g Nos.
   Garam Masala Rs 105 100g Nos.
   Garam Masala Rs 199 250g Nos.
   Red Chilli Powder Rs 59 100g Nos.
   Red Chilli Powder Rs 110 250g Nos.
   Turmeric Powder Rs 54 100g Nos.
   Turmeric Powder Rs 105 250g Nos.


100% Pure - USDA Certified Organic

People are health conscious and want to consume safe and healthy food, which is pesticide free and unadulterated. On the other hand a real farmer always acts in the best interests of the consumers. Titoís Organic is a part of this responsible product chain to serve the best interests of both consumers and producers.

The profitability of the farmer is crucial for the nationís development. This is possible by providing quality organic produce to the consumer at affordable prices and reducing production costs in the farm by avoiding the use of external inputs like chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified seeds and planting material. This model also provides a healthy and tasteful alternative to health conscious consumers who want to avoid the perils of GM and chemical ridden food products.

Organic Wheat Flour

Made from wheat grown organically by farmer groups in Aurangabad

Organic Rice / Brown Rice

Rice is produced organically by farmers groups in Biloli, Bhandara, and other districts of Maharashtra State

Organic Pulses / Dals

Pulses produced organically by farmers groups in central India.

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