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Atta (Indian certification)  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Chakki Fresh Wheat Flour 80 2 kg Nos.
   Chakki Fresh Wheat Flour 200 5 kg Nos.

TITO's ORGANIC - USDA certified

Atta, Rawa  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Whole Wheat Flour 311 5 kg Nos.
   Whole Wheat Flour 65 1 kg Nos.
   Multigrain Atta 90 1 kg Nos.
   Thalipeeth Atta55 250g Nos.
   Bajra Flour42 500g Nos.
   Jowar Flour52 500g Nos.
   Soya Flour 110 500g Nos.
   Besan 144 500g Nos.
   Wheat Daliya 47 500g Nos.
   Sooji Rawa58 500g Nos.
   Idli Rawa44 500g Nos.
Sugar / Jaggery  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Light Brown Sugar89 500g Nos.
   Jaggery powder70 500g Nos.
Rice / Poha (Awalakki  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Kollam Rice 111 1kg Nos.
   Indrayani Hand Pound Rice 103 1kg Nos.
   Ambemohar Rice 123 1kg Nos.
   Brown Ambemohar Rice 130 1kg Nos.
   Poha (Beaten Rice 79 750g Nos.
   Brown Poha 86 750g Nos.
Pulses  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Pancharangi Dal 121 500g Nos.
   Toor Dal 135 500g Nos.
   Urad Dal 157 500g Nos.
   Moong Dal 111 500g Nos.
   Whole Moong 87 500g Nos.
   Kabuli Chana 142 500g Nos.
   Whole Chana 110 500g Nos.
   Chana Dal 140 500g Nos.
   Fried gram 93 250g Nos.
   Groundnut 141 500g Nos.
   Vatana( Green 49 500g Nos.
   Soyabean 74 500g Nos.
   Matki ( Math 92 500g Nos.
   Chawali 69 500g Nos.
   Mung Chilka 113 500g Nos.
   Flax Seed 50 100g Nos.
   Flax Seed 99 250g Nos.
   Thalipeeth Bhajni 52 250g Nos.
Whole grains  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Whole Wheat64 1kg Nos.
   Whole Jowar60 1kg Nos.
   Whole Bajra55 1kg Nos.
Masala  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Mustard 36 100g Nos.
   Coriander Powder 42 100g Nos.
   Garam Masala 97 100g Nos.
   Garam Masala 199 250g Nos.
   Red Chilli Powder 57 100g Nos.
   Red Chilli Powder 135 250g Nos.
   Turmeric Powder 44100g Nos.
   Turmeric Powder 105 250g Nos.



Masala / Salt  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Iodised TABLE SALT 18 1 kg Nos.
   Coriander Powder 65 200g Nos.
   Red Chilli Powder 75 200g Nos.
   Red Chilli Powder 175 500g Nos.
   Turmeric Powder 55 200g Nos.
   Turmeric Powder 130 500g Nos.
   Sabji Magic Masala 40 100g Nos.
   Garam Masala 62 50g Nos.
   Hing Masala 42 25gm Nos.
Edible / Cooking Oil  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   National Award Winning Physical Refined Oil
   Health Guard Rice Bran Oil 140 1 lit Nos.
   Health Guard Rice Bran Oil 720 5 lit Nos.
   Pure Edible Coconut Oil 105 250ml Nos.
Tea / Coffee  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Jiyo POPULAR Tea 75 250g Nos.
   Jiyo POPULAR Tea 155 500g Nos.
   Jiyo ELITE Tea 90 250g Nos.
   Jiyo ELITE Tea 170 500g Nos.
   Pure Instant Coffee 105 50g Nos.
Pickle / Jam / Snacks  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   RICH MIX FRUIT JAM 60 200g Nos.
   PICKLE - Mango 46 250g Nos.
   PICKLE - Lime 46 250g Nos.
   PICKLE - Mixed 46 250g Nos.
   ANARDANA GOLI 35 100g Nos.
   HAJMA GOLI-Pudina Yukt 32 100g Nos.
   GULAB JAMUN MIX 70 200g Nos.
   KHAMAN MIX 44 200g Nos.
   LAJIZ SOAN PAPDI 105 250g Nos.
   LAJIZ SOAN PAPDI 180 450g Nos.
   SPECIAL MIXTURE 45 170g Nos.
   SPECIAL MIXTURE 90 400g Nos.
   JORDAR BHUJIA 48 170g Nos.
   JORDAR BHUJIA 20 60g Nos.
   JORDAR BHUJIA 100 400g Nos.
   Navratan Mixture 48 170g Nos.
   Navratan Mixture 100 400g Nos.
   MILK BISCUIT 12 70g Nos.
   BUTTER COOKIES 27 120g Nos.

Tito's Organic


100% Pure - USDA Certified Organic

People are health conscious and want to consume safe and healthy food, which is pesticide free and unadulterated. On the other hand a real farmer always acts in the best interests of the consumers. Titoís Organic is a part of this responsible product chain to serve the best interests of both consumers and producers.

The profitability of the farmer is crucial for the nationís development. This is possible by providing quality organic produce to the consumer at affordable prices and reducing production costs in the farm by avoiding the use of external inputs like chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified seeds and planting material. This model also provides a healthy and tasteful alternative to health conscious consumers who want to avoid the perils of GM and chemical ridden food products.

Organic Wheat Flour

Made from wheat grown organically by farmer groups in Aurangabad

Organic Rice / Brown Rice

Rice is produced organically by farmers groups in Biloli, Bhandara, and other districts of Maharashtra State

Organic Pulses / Dals

Pulses produced organically by farmers groups in central India.



   Nutricharge ProDiet Nos.
   Nutricharge Kids Nos.
   Nutricharge Woman Nos.
   Nutricharge Man Nos.
   Nutricharge Energy Drink Nos.
   Nutricharge Bone & Joint Nos.
   Nutricharge Slim & Fit Nos.



Bath Soaps  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   SENSATION Fruit Bath Soap 24 100g Nos.
   STARDUST Sandal Bath Soap 22 100g Nos.
   NIMBURA Herbal Bath Soap 22 100g Nos.
   PERRY Rose Bath Soap 22 100g Nos.
   Det-Max Antiseptic Bath Soap 24 100g Nos.
Shampoo  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Revito Shampoo,Cond+Vit.E 70 150ml Nos.
   Shinol Herbal Shampoo 60 150ml Nos.
Hair Oil  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Revito Jatamansi+TeaTree+Vit.E 70 150ml Nos.
   Shinol Nature Cool Oil 87 150ml Nos.
   Shinol Sarson Hair Oil 50 150ml Nos.
   HERBAL Amla,Brahmi,Tulsi 55 150ml Nos.
   Pure Coconut Oil 95 250ml Nos.
Hand Wash  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Det Maxx in Dispenser 80 200ml Nos.
   Det Maxx Refill 65 200ml Nos.
Face Wash  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Nysa Face Wash 60 60 ml Nos.
Creams & Balm  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Nysa Multi Purpose Cream 81 80ml Nos.
   NYSA LIP CARE 25 10 ml Nos.
   FAIR & SHINE Fairness Cream 65 50g Nos.
   Nysa Moisturizing Lotion UVprotect 88 150ml Nos.
   NYSA FOOT CREAM 62 50g Nos.
   NYSA SOFLENE Petroleum Jelly 26 25ml Nos.
   PAIN GO balm Ache/Strains/Sprains 60 40g Nos.
Talcum Powder  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Nysa FLORA BLOSSOM Talc 62 150g Nos.
   Nysa Prickly Heat Talc 68 150g Nos.
Tooth Paste  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Red Cavigo Pudina & Laung 55 100g Nos.
   Green Cavigo Herbal Neem Extract 44 100g Nos.
Other  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Cavigo Prime Tooth Brush 32 70g Nos.
   Classic Shave Cream 56 70g Nos.
   TWIN BLADE RAZOR 85 5 Pcs Nos.


Product  Rate  Pack  Qty  
   Revito All Purpose Soap 22 150g Nos.
   Liquid DISHWASH -Lemon 70 500ml Nos.
   Pixie DISHWASH Bar 24 300g Nos.
   Liquid Detergent Wonder Wash 115 500ml Nos.
   Revito Washing Powder 65 500g Nos.
   Bizz prime washing Powder 110 500g Nos.
   Bizz Power+ washing Powder 30 500g Nos.
   Bizz Power+ Detergent Cake 13 200g Nos.
   Bizz Prime Detergent Cake 23 250g Nos.
   Laundry Soap 13 150g Nos.
   Laundry Soap 20 250g Nos.
   LIQUID BLUE 18 100ML Nos.
   Cleano (all purpose liquid spray 60 500ml Nos.
   FLOOR CLEANER Liquid 55 500ml Nos.
   TOILET CLEANER Liquid 60 500ml Nos.
   Lavender Disinfectent Cleaner 60 1 Lit Nos.
   Mogra Disinfectent Cleaner 60 1 Lit Nos.

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