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Jason SS - Specialized Services & Effective Training

"We pursue excellence. We focus on results. We provide you the best."

You'll enjoy the experience of working with us or using our services. We are quick to understand and adapt easily. Our solution oriented approach and ability to simplify ensures effective results. Our quality consciousness, our no-compromise attitude, and our thoroughness enables us to be efficient and bring out the best. Welcome to Jason SS - inspiring excellence.


   - Systems, Process, Products

   • e-Learning Centres/ICT classrooms
   • Spoken English Language Lab
   • SMART STUDY -Educational Products
   • SMART ERP for Edu. institutions
   • DIY Website Solutions

SMART Training / Workshops
   Competence Enhancement

   • Specialized Spoken English
   • Soft Skills & Personality Development
   • In-service Teachers' Training
   • Intercultural Integration
   • Entreprenuership Training & Consultancy
   • Employability Enhancement Programs


   Smart-Learn Solutions

   • Home-Schooling Consultancy
   • Multiple-Intelligence Programs
   • Effective Learning Support Tools
   • Activity Based Learning Programs
   • SMART Boards / Content

   "Experience Innovation, Quality and Efficiency. Jason SS - inspiring excellence."

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